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Following is the current membership for the TAC. As positions are determined within the TAC, the following entries will be completed in this table:
Chair of Council
Vacant position To be determined  
Vice Chair of Council
Vacant position To be determined  
Chief Information Officer
Bob von Wolffradt


DOM Designee
To be determined   Department of Management
Large Agency Representative
Sally Titus stitus@dhs.state.ia.us Department of Human Services
Paul Trombino Paul.Trombino@dot.iowa.gov Department of Transportation
Teresa Wahlert Teresa.Wahlert@iwd.iowa.gov Iowa Workforce Development
Medium Agency Representative
Courtney Kay-Decker Courtney.Decker@iowa.gov Iowa Department of Revenue
Samuel Langholz slangholz@spd.state.ia.us State Public Defender
Small Agency Representative
Bill Orr bill.orr@sos.iowa.gov Secretary of State
Public Members
Leann Jacobsen leann@technologyiowa.org Public Member (Technology Assn of Iowa)
Timothy Peterson petersont@wellmark.com Public Member (Wellmark, Inc.)